New Frequency Ceremonies

Raise your vibration, Raise your frequency

 Our ayahuasca ceremonies are helping Human Souls to connect with  their Higher Selves and to escape from an artificial reality that has enslaved them for thousands of years.

Most important in our ayahuasca ceremonies is the Energy Healing Work that we offer besides the medicine of the ayahuasca. We are already 20 years on the path of ayahuasca shamanism and very experienced in the healing of the energy system. We have been trained intensively by ayahuasca shamans from Ecuador and Peru and later developed our own unique style of energy healing and entity removal.

 In our ayahuasca ceremonies we connect you with Higher Self and we offer treatments like the Removal of the Karmic Body.  The  Karmic Body is a shield, an artificial vehicle/energy system that keeps you stuck in the Matrix. The Karmic Body is part of the prison that keeps you in 3D and that blocks the access to your Higher Self. It is also through the Karmic Body that you are recycled again and again in the reincarnation cycle. Please read the in depth explanation on this website about Karmic Body Removal where you can view 2 You Tube films how it works.

We have been working with hundreds of clients and we have seen again and again that we can delete and deprogram all our fears, traumas, addictions and anxieties and this is also what we offer in our ceremonies. Please read the chapter Trauma Healing where we explain how Energy Healing can liberate you. It is possible to reprogram our bodies, mind and DNA with light, sound, frequency and vibration,so that we can vibrate on a New and Higher Frequency and are in control of our own life and destiny.

In the folllowing film made by Ayamundo on Tour you can meet us and our work.