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Understanding the spiritual cause of depression

Depression,  Seasonal Affective Disorder, Bi-polar disorder
We have treated many people suffering from depression and mood disorders in our healing practice and here I explain a lot more about this subject.

I believe there are many reasons why people suffer bouts of depression, and to me, I sense it’s mainly – if not always – due to a dysfunctional relationship with the Higher Self or Spiritual Self . I observe in the work we do with people, if we can get that inner relationship aligned and ticking well, then depression and other dysfunctional experiences dissolve away. All the negative energies that have been for so long a part of your energy system has left imprints in your organs, body cells and blood. After removing and deleting these energies it takes minimum 6 weeks to manifest fully in the physical body.

It’s on this journey, that at some point, the soul realizes something crucial: that the soul in itself, is not an identity, but a stream of consciousness – a stream of experience. It means there’s only one self in the universe – the One; your Higher Self and you are that.

Society has conditioned people to look for some kind of end goal in the outer world, and created a system of enslaved consumerist addicts. Rather than attaining sense of completeness within, people have been made to believe some achievement, attainment, or physical manifestation must be the subject of their longing. Most people have been sold a lie, and when the lie doesn’t fulfill, something must be prescribed to fill the sense of loss. It’s a not-so-merry-go-round fueled by big corporations to make profit. And there’s no bigger cash cow than the ‘health’ industry.

So this is probably the number 1 reason people get depressed – they’ve been sold a lie which can never fulfill the sense of inner completeness. Worse still, prescribed drugs tend to lock people into the disconnection – they manage the situation rather than solve it.

But there is also an energetic construction that is connected with depression and mood-disorder The problem is as well physical, emotional and mental and it has a program in the pineal gland which is a major implant to program people. And often an artificial construction in the energy system..

Through are advanced healing methods we can easily test our clients on mood disorders. What we have seen so far is that much more people in North Western Europe are suffering from this type of disorders than is recognized by themselves and their therapists.  Sometimes they are  not aware of this problem themselves. Mostly they think that they are depressed due to life-circumstances and past trauma’s. And of course this is playing a role as well, but underlying there is a mood-disorder,  caused by lack of daylight. The worst months of the year for this people are October, November ,December, January, February. 

What I feel is that I need to inform all my clients who are seeking my help for depression.

1) we can test you very easily on depression, mood-disorder or bi-polar disorder

2) you need to be Connected with Higher Self and do the Commands from Higher Self to delete all contracts, programs and implants with mood-disorder ( we learn this in our individual sessions and ceremonies)

3)  a great help is to do Infinite Healing and to deprogram mood disorder

4) Karmic Body Removal

5)  Six weeks after Karmic Body Removal you can have your Blueprint removed and the full energetic obstruction in the energy system that causes the disorder. We have seen in all our clients with a mood-disorder that they have such an instrument attached to their brain. This has the form of a sort machine (computer) a little bit above the head strongly attached to the brain where it does a very nasty work, creating unbalance in the right and left brain and influencing the hormonal system in unhealthy ways.   We can remove the whole machine and after that you can fully recover and be liberated from your mood-disorder.The whole process will take 6 months to recover and in this time you need 2 treatments  Karmic Body Removal and Blueprint Removal from us  

This is the information for now, I am working on a special program for people with depression and mood disorder. I am open for questions and consultations.