New Frequency Ceremonies

You need to be aligned with your Higher Self  to create your own reality

Human consciousness is living in separation from its origin: the Source of Oneness and Unity which is your HIGHER SELF. This process is called the fall from Paradise and that it has been literally: a fall from the Unity of Light, Love,Wisdom and Truth. At this moment all human beings are captured in Duality Consciousness and experiences the endless battles between Light and Dark, Good and Bad,Love and Hate,War and Peace and lots and lots of suffering from poverty, hunger, diseases and religious wars.

At this moment in time, almost nobody on the planet is connected with Higher Self, because of huge energetic blocks that are placed between you and Higher Self. You ALL have been closed off from your Higher Self by a force from outside. This we (me and my co-healers) have seen in the energy system from all human beings.  It is done on purpose and with a lot of violence and it all happened against our free will many thousands of years ago.  

But ONCE the Connection with Higher Self is restored the human being becomes very powerful and you can create your own reality. And this is the BIG SECRET that the Controllers (Global Elite) do not want you to discover. The world’s ruling class has tyrannical control over the mainstream media, as well as our food, water, and air supply, and they are actively dumbing down the masses.  The evidence against them, ancient and modern, is enormous and continuing to grow.

To make things more clear to the public I have started my own YouTube channel called: Hannah Klautz.   

Here you find my latest films:

 I am One with my Higher Self 

which explains very simple, but very accurate what have happened with our Original Creation. And how we went from Paradise to Prison. And how this can be changed once you are fully connected with your Higher Self again. And this is what we offer now in all our ceremonies and individual treatments.