New Frequency Ceremonies

Is there a right or wrong way to use ayahuasca?                        

The answer is more complex. Just read on.

Ayahuasca has contra-indications with some medical drugs, especially with anti-depressants like prozac, seroxat, effexor and all this type of SSRI – drugs, but also with methadone (a replacement for heroine), When you take this type of medication you are not allowed to participate in an ayahuasca-ceremony. It can result in a shcok, come or sudden death. When you take this type of medication I advise you not to take any hallucinogenic plant or drugs (xtc, lsd), because all of these substances work on the same hormonal level (serotonine) where the medication is doing it's work as well. You will easily get an overdose, called a serotonine-syndrome. When you are on this type of medication you have to quit at least one month before taking ayahuasca. You also have to take care with natural substances as St.Johns Worth, melatonine and 5-http. With anti-histamines and asthma –medication there are also some contra-indications, but with these medicines it is sufficient to quit 48 hours before the ceremony. Always inform us which type of medication you use.

People that are suffering from psychosis or schizophrenia are not allowed to participate in an ayahuasca-ceremony. These types of strong hallucinogenics are not advisable for people that have already problems to discern reality from visions and the dream-world. 

It is only safe to participate in an ayahuasca-ceremony which is guided by a full trained shaman or guide. There are so many self-made shamans at the moment as well in Europe as in South America. I have been in most of their ceremonies and not one of them is spiritually safe and a lot of these people only do it as easy way to make money.

Nowadays we see that the energy system from many western people is heavily polluted with dark energies and spirit attachments. Before we allow you to partake in our ayahuasca ceremony, we want to see a photo from you which you can send to us through email or whats app. We than scan your energy system on blocks, traumas and entity attachments amd will give you an advise for treatment. We also decide than wether you are able to drink ayahuasca with us. If not possible, we offer you a mild relaxing tea from Blue Lotus.