New Frequency Ceremonies

New Frequency Ceremonies

Exploration, travel and adventure in the unconscious mind, the infinite domain where all information and existence resides. We take you on a personal growth adventure without equal.

You are welcome to join one of our ceremonies,. Our work is aimed at liberation from the human soul and energy system. In the ceremonies we create an environment to access the domain of The Inner or Higher Self.  We help you to encounter with Higher Self and creating the communication channels with it.

You can rebalance your energy with the help of The Inner Self. Clearing up limiting beliefs and making lasting changes in the unconscious for a more successful behavior.

We offer as well ayahuasca for those who want this and Blue Lotus tea for people that do not want to drink ayahuasca. We ask you for a photo to scan your energy system and then we decide whether you can drink ayahuasca with us.

Program New Frequency Ceremonies.
In the ceremonies, we Connect all the participants with their Higher Selfand we teach them the Commands from Higher Self, we give Karmic Body Removal treatment and any other energetic treatments that they need for liberation. 

Please watch my You tube films on my channel Hannah Klautz  about Karmic Body Removal and I am One with my Higher Self

It is full on ceremony where we use the Ayahuasca or Blue Lotus for relaxation and turning inwards. In the ceremony place we play beautiful music so that participants can Connect with Higher Self and find answers there. In the meantime Barbara and I treat participants individually in a separate room. We will do a Journey I take my Power back which is very empowering to get your energy on a high level. We also will talk a lot about the liberation of the human soul and how to keep the energy system clean. 

We work with small groups from max. 15 people, 2 healers and 2 assistants.

What makes our ceremonies so special?

We have 20 years of experience with ayahuasca ceremonies and we give treatments that are not given anywhere else in Europe.. It is also very refreshing to have a whole day the time and space to be together with a group of Higher Selves. The atmosphere and music are very important for creating a very high vibration and frequency. You can recharge and refresh yourself and take these new energies home with you.

If we do not know and you register, we ask you to send a photo by mail or whats app. Then we scan your energy system and see if you can drink ayahuasca in the ceremony. People who are very heavily burdened with negative energies from this or a previous life are advised to be treated first and to drink a Blue Lotus tea the first time. We all discuss that with you in advance, so that you know where you stand.

Available in the room: light mattresses to lie on, a blanket and a pillow. If you want to lie more comfortably than you can bring an extra blanket or a sleeping bag, but the room is well heated. Also take a bottle of water with you. And bring something to eat for after the ceremony. We serve tea, cake and fruits after the ceremony,


Please send me a email for dates and prices