New Frequency Ceremonies


Here are some testimonies from people that have participated in  a group session with ayahuasca or KBR treatmnet:

 Hi, I would just like to say thank you for the most enlightening day of my life. What I was searching for I have found and whatever was stopping me find it has been taken away. All my research and all my constant searching for something has now all made sense to me, and it felt so good to actually experience what I only half believed life was all about before. I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I can now go on to start improving my life and helping others. Fear is gone!

 The work you and your team are doing is fantastic. I cannot thank you enough. It was also nice to talk to people who were all on the same path and wavelength. Most people I try to talk about all of this think I am mad, as they are not searching for the same level of understanding.  It was so good to talk to you and I feel blessed to have met someone like you

Hello, this is Jasmine from Hong Kong, I attend the ayahuasca and individual karmic body removal in August 2017. This is my feedback after the treatment. I would like to strongly recommend Hannah and her assistants as your healers. Because they are so professional and kind hearted. I was one of the most painful attendant in the ceremony, because I have had so many problems in past life and current life. Seriously, I'm so sorry that I cried and shouted during the ceremony. As I saw my traumatic , black magic and love karma scenarios, all these things brought me in scared and horrible conditions... it was so dangerous that I couldn't control my body and voice at that moment. It was extremely stunning to everyone.

 Luckily, Hannah, Barbara  are considered as well experienced and professional healers. They did wonderful healing for me, it's truly made me calm down and released my trauma. It's really help me. Now I have much more freedoms and easier to connect my higher-self. One of the major evidence is, I feel much more easier to follow the instructions during my mediation class, I feel more calm and peaceful. Better still, I feel much more energetic in my daily life. I'm so thankful that I could have this meaningful and powerful treatment! I wish that I can come to Amsterdam to attend this ceremony again in foreseeable future. I would like to tell everyone that the ayahuasca is truly painful in the beginning stage, YES! It's painful. Yet, after the ceremony (especially a few weeks) you can feel how powerful the herb is. As I have a peaceful spirit right now. I let go my love karma with someone...  Thanks very much for your professional help! I deeply appreciate your kindness! Hannah. Good luck everyone! 

 Dear Hannah, after attending your ayahuasca ceremony in December 2016 and the Karmic Body Removal which I also did,  the lumps in my throat have decreased and I am able to swallow and breathe easier. Most of the pain is gone in my throat. My head feels much clearer and overall I feel lighter and healthier with more energy than before. Before I was more or less bedridden and now I have more energy.  I understand that this is just the beginning and I have to heal myself physically as well as spiritually but these positive healings from your ceremony have helped me tremendously in dealing with everyday life.I would appreciate it very much if you could give me your professional opinion in regards to when I should attend your next ayahuasca ceremony.  I was considering doing a three-month therapy using cannabis oil  for my cancer, however, since  I was helped so much during my first ayahuasca ceremony, I do not know if I should only rely on only your ayahuasca ceremony to heal my body. Best regards, Diana from Greece who suffers from throat cancer

Thank you so much, Hannah. I am having a really strong awakening at the moment, and i understand internally more of what happened during the last ceremony. You helped me unblocking huge amounts of energies through the treatment of Karmci Body Removal and I am bursting with communication. At the ceremony I was partly projecting my fears. There is too much to write but i think you know what i'm going through without me saying it. I just wanted to send you some love. And the love that i received from you int his ceremony is communicating to all the people around me and i can see how it changes them. Its a huge time of synchronicity, the 17, this phase of my awakening started on 7.1. 2017  Thanks so much, Chang from Austria

I want to thank you for the profound Ayahuasca group ceremony. It was very deep, powerful, pure spirit working through you that I have not yet experienced so far from somebody European! Thank you so much! I am working on the integration of my insights and experiences. Bottomline is to start a new life symbolically and psychologically and in the outside world. Thank you so much for making this possible. R. from Germany

Wow, Hannah. I can't thank you enough after the Karmic Body Removal in your ceremony from May 2017. Everyday gets brighter and full of love! The practice of Infinite Healing that you taught all of us in the ceremony is incredible too, there's more connection to it each time I do it. It's as if life has just begun.Alice  B. from London,

 Thank you so much for the wonderful experience which you gave me with the ayahuasca. I feel that my life has changed afterwards and I feel more in balance and happy. I want to book another session with you and bring a friend as well.  L. from Poland

My first Ayahuasca ceremony was a weekend in England and was conducted by a person that claimed to be a shaman and maybe he was, but was clearly not cut out for the job. I left with the -perhaps misguided-  impression that I could have done a better job. The second ceremony was last year, while in Portugal and was extremely well organised and facilitated. However the ayahuasca brew was a little weak. I still took a valuable inner lesson home from it which I believe I have integrated into my life.But last Saturday you,Hannah,  provided everything that the other ayahuasca ceremonies missed and more. Whatever you did to achieve all the elements required to create what did was done with a confidence and aplomb that was very apparent. Allowing me (and no doubt all the others) to relax and surrender knowing that room was filled with benevolence, healing, and light. And that darkness had no chance in that room on that day. D. from Ireland

Wow !!! Thankyou so much for allowing and facilitating. I love you for that. I know - I should love everyone unconditionally. But one step at a time. I really do love you for the work you've done and do and the light you bring and no doubt the sacrifices you make also. I can't say it enough. Thank you. Now I know what it means to have the guidance of a first class shaman. F. from London

I was possessed by a very bad energy and I had enormous problems as well physical as emotional. During a healing session with you this was taken out of me and I really feel the difference. The darkness has gone and I can start to heal, but I also feel that I need some more sessions with ayahuasca to heal fully.  M. from Amsterdam

 I have been very impressed with the quality of the venue & environment you set up  for your group ceremonies and with your ethics, commitment and experience. In my opinion, this is a good introduction to the work for beginners, once they approach the work with integrity & respect and are mindful to plan the approach to suitably preparing before, being committed to "owning" their experiences during, and having a practical arrangement for getting safely hone after - all the usual psychological recommendations about mind-set and setting etc. - which I think are being brought together very well in your approach. J. from Belgium

 After your session with ayahuasca everything is going really amazing. Some very big "shifts" So fascinating and positive. Notably an "expansion". I will share more at some point soon.
Thank you again. E. from Den Bosch,Netherlands

You have given me my life back. For the first time in many years I feel alive. You are in my heart forever. D. from Switzerland

Thank you very much for the unforgettable experience with ayahuasca in a group ceremony last weekend. This very successful event will forever have very deep impact on my life. A. from Poland


I have been in Hannah’s ceremonies and treatments over the past two years regularly. I have had an extremely violent childhood being raised by a sadistic mother. Since this had been going on since I as a baby my traumas were endlessly. I was full with demons, entities and layers and layers of darkness. Fear and anxiety disorder were the biggest traumas I suffered from. Hannah has treated me many times individually and in group sessions. Although I improved a lot, new issues keep coming up from other dark layers of my subconsciousness. 
In the ayahuasca ceremonies I was never able to see Divine Light . although many other people told me that they experienced it. According to Hannah I was one of the most difficult cases she had ever treated. After Hannah and Andis (her co-healer) removed my Karmic Body and Closed my Chakras I had the most beautiful ayahuasca experience I ever had. Golden and bright White Light were pouring through my whole system, healing me, giving me life-energy. I saw the most beautiful colors, rainbows and flowers I have ever seen. I cried from Happiness and Joy. I finally experienced Divine Light and the Freedom I was so much longing for. And this is permanent in me now, all the darkness is gone.


I have had a rough life with a lot of drug abuse. My mother died when I was seven and this left un incredible pain and trauma in me. When I get older I disconnected from the pain with partying and taking all kinds of drugs. When I finally came to Hannah in 2014 I was a total mess and suffering from anxiety disorder. I was afraid for almost everything, I was totally eaten by my fears and the demons connected to it. Because I live in Spain I could not visit her regularly, but after two individual treatments from her I improved a lot. I quit all the drugs and partying, found a job and started a new and healthy life. I became very interested in new life styles working with health food and herbs. My friends and family were amazed to see this transformation. My father is very proud on me now and supports me in every way he can. Although everything went much better I still felt that I needed more healing. When I recently visited Hannah again she just started to work with this new healing method and removed my Karmic Body and Chakra’s. She and Andis treated me and since than my life became wonderful. I feel so much love, light and energy. One of my worst problems was the sensitivity that I had for the stress and anxiety from other people. This is all gone now, I do not feel it anymore and I feel calm and peaceful within myself. Sarah from Spain 

I consider myself a psychonaut and I have experienced all kinds of hallucinogenic drugs with the goal to expand my consciousness. What I did not know was that this is dangerous to do it on your own when you do not know how to protect yourself spiritually against attacks of demons. I never did ayahuasca and I read a lot about Hanna’s work and I saw her You Tube interviews. I am from Ireland and I was very eager to do a ceremony with her.
Recently I came to one of her ceremonies and for the first time I drink her medicine of ayahuasca. It is difficult to describe what happened, but hell broke lose. Darkness came all over me and I felt that I was possessed by huge demons and entities. I was in total panic and fear and I started to behave uncontrollable. 
Hannah and her assistants took me out of the group ceremony to a separate healing room where I even started to freak out more. Hannah was very calm and focused and she asked me if she could remove my Karmic Body. With the help of her assistants who had to hold me on the floor, she treated me. It was a very though release she said. I was literally covered with huge demons. 15 Minutes after the treatment I came back to myself and I felt very calm and peaceful. Hannah brought me back to the group room where I was laying quiet feeling tremendous relief. She than started to bring in the Divine Energies of The Mother Goddess by singing and dancing herself. I saw the Female Divine Energy flowing through her whole being and I cried like a baby. I cried and cried because this connection with the Divine Light I had been always longing for. Since then my life is changing and I am still in this incredible process of Transformation. I cannot thank her and all the Divine Guidance enough.
Dennis from Ireland

More Experiences and Facts about the Liberation from the Karmic Body

First a shall give you few facts about the liberation from the Karmic Body and Chakra’s as they are revealed to us in recent months. If you have been liberated yourself ( by our method from the Seven Swords) this liberation works further into three generations before you. Men can only liberate the male ancestral line and women only the female ancestral line. That means that one person that gets liberated, liberates in total 6 souls. In my case (Hannah) as follows: myself, my mother, my two grandmothers and my two great-grandmothers. If the person before you is still alive (my mother) then she will be only liberated after death, unless she also liberated herself from the Karmic Body and then the liberation happens during the present life.
We are only three months working with this KBR treatment, so we are still investigating what all is possible. But the results are much better than we could have ever imagined. Nevertheless, for us the most important thing is that we are forever and always be liberated from the false Reincarnation cycle. Why that is so false you can read on my website under the story Removal of the Karmic Body.

What we ourselves (the healers and assistants who use this method) experiences comes down to the following: no resistance from the outside world, no resistance from the Matrix anymore. Everything flows naturally and everything in our life goes smooth and easy. We feel full Guidance and Protection of the Divine Light. Divine Light can flow through us without any resistance and it brings us to the right places and put us in touch with the right people. Everything goes effortless and we have never been so happy. We feel so full filled and we do not need any gratification from the outside world anymore. Contact with nature has become much stronger and more intense and is experienced with stronger feelings of happiness.

We also experience a lot more energy in daily life. We need less sleep because we do not need so much time to re-charge. In my own case (Hannah): previously I always needed pretty much hours of sleep to recover from the negative vibrations of the people and world around me. Now without Karmic Body and Chakra's anymore, I do not have to recover for so long and I sleep two hours less per night. That means I have per day two productive hours extra and as a result, I feel that I have plenty of time for everything, and that all the work I have to do every day goes very smooth and easy, without any stress. Since the Liberation, I feel no more stress at all, while I have been busier than ever before. And I never have treated so many people as I treat now. So far our own experiences and hereunder you can read some experiences from our clients. 

After I got a KBR and Chakra Removal treatment from Barbara and Jenny so many things has changed and I thought it was time to send you a message. I really want to thank you for the treatment I have received !! There are so many positive changes both physically and mentally. Unbelievable!! I had since I was ten years old a tick with cracking my neck and that has totally stopped. I always contracted my toes in a very strange way (unconsciously) as a kind of tension. That's over !! It's all very relaxed now and life is going smooth and easy. When I visit a busy store or supermarket I do not feel rushed anymore. Where previously I was always tense !! The shame for my eczema on my hands is gone. There is so much more focus, understanding and joy than before, which is really incredible. So I want to thank all of you and when I feel that the time is ripe for another ayahuasca ceremony than you see me appear again. regards, Chris

And here is a story of a woman who before KBR and Chakras session was physically in a very bad state (reumatoid arthritis disease) and it all looked bleak:
"The session with Barbara and Jenny was very pleasant and they took a lot of time for me. They had not drunk ayahuasca but by their many experience with it they see without ayahuasca what for "black and / reptilian energy there is in me and what have to get out.
Immediately after the session, I saw myself in the mirror and my eyes looked suddenly so different: there was again life and light and joy into them. Previously I had so much anxiety and stress in my eyes.
In the following period, I applied the method Infinite Healing (which they also learn to all the people who are receiving this treatment and which they can use at home) at times when I felt that there was still "clinging" some unwanted energy to me. That always worked well. At the moment I use Infinite Healing hardly anymore because everything is all going so well. It is certainly true that things get better, I still feel lighter and more energetic. I have new things (work, moving to another place) set in motion and I feel that I can do a lot more; and I feel more stable and less anxious. There also have opened great opportunities for further rheumatism treatment. The overall feeling is that I am more in "the flow". I feel more solidarity with other people and more confident that the Universe provides what I need. Many thanks Hannah, Barbara and Jenny! "

The great thing that I experience after my liberation from the Karmic Body and Chakras is that I no longer sense any negative energy from other people anymore and that I now feel complete and full filled within myself and in my own energy.
Jan from Rotterdam.