New Frequency Ceremonies


Many people on this planet are suffering from severe trauma. Most of the trauma is stored in the sub consciousness (energy system) where it is laying dormant, but the pain and suffering influences your behaviour in all its aspects. The way you relate to other people, the way you relate to the Divine, and the way you relate to yourself. And the way you can Connect with your Higher Self.

For us it is very clear that our emotional turmoil and restless thoughts are keeping us away, from being connected with our Higher Selves. Why we are being kept in these states of trauma and drama you can read in the chapter: Karmic Body Removal. But for now you should understand that in this time from Awakening it is very important to clear these disturbed emotions because they keep us in the prison of the 3D reality.

So the trauma is stored in the subconsciousness and more specific in the cellular memories which are connected from the energy system. The cells in your body still carry the pain and suffering from the past trauma. In most cases demonic and evil energies have attached themselves to the trauma, feeding themselves with the negative energy that the trauma produces and in the same time preventing you from the possibility to heal from the trauma. And this can continue for many, many years. 

In the 20 years that I have been assisting in ayahuaca-ceremonies and since 2012 guiding ayahuasca ceremonies myself I have seen this happening a lot.
In the last years we have treated people with severe emotional problems and traumas.  We have treated people that suffer from anxiety disorder, chronic depression, sexual abuse and many other trauma's.

 What is Energy Healing?

In recent years, we have seen that the energy system surrounding the physical body forms the blueprint for the physical, emotional and mental body. All physical, emotional and mental complaints have an energetic component in the energy body. The fastest and most effective way to cure something is to remove the construction that causes the complaint in the energy system.

 In many of our clients, we see in the energy system that the trauma of parents and ancestors is energetically given to them as well. Usually in  the form and frequency of fears and a sense of depression and existential problems. The enormous number of people currently suffering from anxiety disorders, despair and depression says enough about this.

Medical regular science does not have any answers to deal with these emotional issues and does nothing else than prescribing pills. For example, a 52 –year-old woman sought my help for emotional and physical complaints. She swallowed pills against her fears, other pills against her aggression and also pills against  high blood pressure. During the treatment, we found that all the causes of these unresolved emotions were blocks in the energy system caused by traumas of her own life (or her previous life), or the trauma’s inherited from her parents and ancestors. After removing the energetic load, which we see as energy forms,  certain constructions, which can be removed, the emotional and physical complaints disappeared.

My fellow healer Barbara and I have treated hundreds of people with all sorts of different complaints from which the cause  is always to be found in the energy system. Because the energy system is the basis and blueprint of the physical system, it is the fastest and most effective way  to treat the energy-system FIRST and thus removing trauma’s, pains and ailments. We call his  Energy Healing and over the years we have treated many clients from all over Europe. We are living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but the main language in our sessions is English.We also do have retreats in the Gambia.